Western Cape

The OLIVE LEAF Foundation in Cape Town started in 1999 with Ann Mabena. In the following year 3 Counsellors joined and they used a Shipping container as office in Site B, Khayelitsha. The sevices that were offered focussed on the support of HIV positive women in the community through Support Groups, PMTCT (Preventing Mother to Child Transmission) and income generation activities. Since then the Site and programmes have grown in leaps and bounds, employing 54 permanent Staff members and having just aquired it's second set of Offices in greater Khayelitsha. The different programmes have grown in stature, recognised as best practice interventions.

The success of the OLIVE LEAF Foundation in Cape Town, lies with it's dedicated staff and broad range of partners that include local and Provincial Government, Civil Society and Corporate entities.

Cape Town have several extensions to the already existing OLIVE LEAF Foundation programmes that are unique in it's approach and impact. In the Abalingani Gender Programme, Ubuntu Bamadoda has opened doors to sustainable employment for several Isichatamiya's (traditional Male Voice Choirs) and through their mentorship programme have become positive rolemodels to boys in the community. their music brings a social message against cross-gender and domestice violence as well as the spread of HIV/AIDS. The OLF Vendor Model was adapted in collaboration with an international donor and Coca Cola - Peninsula Beverages to offer Vulnerable Youth the opportunity to start their own vending business. The model has proven successful and we are hoping to replicate it to other industries as well. Abangani is a Support Programme for teenage mothers who need to come to grips with preparing for a baby, possible HIV infection and PMTCT (Preventing Mother to Child Transmission).

Under the leadership of Joan Daries a strong focus will be placed on Voluntering and Internship opprotunites for international students and several US Universities such as Stanford, Denver and Connecticut have spent time in the Khayelitsha programmes.

KwaZulu Natal

The Durban programme started in 1999 with one employee and no designated office space. Currently the OLIVE LEAF Foundation employs close to 40 staff members in the Durban Office.

Limpopo | Polokwane

It is based upon the dire need of services in the Limpopo province that in 2008 OLIVE LEAF Foundation (OLF) resolved to replicate its key programs there. Capacity development related interventions continue to confirm the need for our services in the area. During the previous year, 2010, OLF has proudly sharpened the skills of more than sixty organizations on how to develop systems of governance for programme implementation and financial management.

One of the organizations that OLF is now mentoring, Setahle Home Based Care made several attempts to get funding but all in vain, however, with the aid of OLF they now secured funding from local Lottery. The department of Social Development, which is a key partner, was pivotal in identifying all the organizations that has benefited thus far.

Since its inception in the province, OLF has restored dignity and brought hope to many of its target audience, for example; over 2000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) received psychosocial support related services. OLF’s current partnerships with schools, crèches and drop-in-centres are exceedingly appreciated as our programmes assist significant number of children with coping mechanism, more especially because OLF focuses on those impoverished deep rural areas where the need is immense.

OLF is positive that its integrated OVC program is a key intervention as it assist a child to realize his/her full potential, because inasmuch as the focus is a child, the program ensures that the family as well as its community are also enabled to be suitable auspices to the child.

OLF Limpopo is determined to solicit resources to add to the current international / Pact SA funding, hoping that a vast number of OVC may receive adequate aid and so realize their full potential.

Eastern Cape | Port Elizabeth

The Port Elizabeth OLIVE LEAF Foundation started in 1996, focusing initially on feeding schemes for the homeless, orphanage visits and HIV/AIDS prevention rallies. These activities relied heavily on the commitment of volunteers mainly from the Port Elizabeth Church of Christ. In 1999 two support groups were PLWHA’s (People Living With HIV/AIDS) were adopted. A vegetable garden started in Walmer with the Parks Department providing many seedlings and education on how to have a successful garden. The Thembilihle Children’s Home, became one of the Orphanages supported with HIV/AIDS education and emotional support.

By 2000 the organization had grown in impact, and was now involved with seven HIV/AIDS support groups in different areas in Port Elizabeth. On a weekly basis, the OLIVE LEAF Foundation volunteers assisted PLWHA’s through the provision of food parcels, clothing, toys and emotional support. A programme started in Walmer Township involving the children of PLWHA's and children who have been orphaned as a result of the disease. Networks and close working relationship developed with other organisations active in the HIV/AIDS field in Port Elizabeth. These include ATICC (AIDS Training and Counseling Centre), the DOH (Department of Health) and NAPWA (National Association for People with AIDS). The OLIVE LEAF Foundation was also involved in the Port Elizabeth HIV/AIDS Intersectoral Forum which led to increased networks with other CBO's (Community Based Organisations and NGOs. Local branches from Shoprite Checkers and OK supported programmes in the form of regular food donations and some financial assistance.

In 2001 the first staff members in Port Elizabeth were appointed with three full-time staff and two volunteers. This was made possible by international donors, engaged in a funding relationship with the OLIVE LEAF Foundation. The OLIVE LEAF Foundation Port Elizabeth focus efforts in three areas, namely, Motherwell, Veeplaas and Soweto-on-Sea and the team in Port Elizabeth grew to 9 with some Volunteers appointed as full- time staff and others receiving incentives as Volunteers. PACT funded a vehicle to assist with service delivery.

Currently the OLIVE LEAF Foundation in Port Elizabeth employs 48 full time staff members and local programmes have developed and grown in impact . As of 2008 HWSA Port Elizabeth is primarily active in 6 communities in Port Elizabeth, namely Motherwell, Zwide, Veeplaas, Soweto-on-Sea, New Brighton and Helenvale.