If it was a simple variable that caused undesired outcomes, we would have identified the criteria by now and isolated all imperfections and not another business article, chapter or book would have been published in an attempt to remedy the ongoing quandary. The mere fact that thousands of research articles and publications appear regarding so many diverging topics and fields, offering solutions with new names and catchy concepts, should indicate that there is no silver bullet, no reliable quick-fix and that in fact, evidence that numerous subjects are open to subjective perceptions and elucidations.

Indeed, each venture or individual organisation is different and each fate or fortune is merely within the grasp of most willing individuals. Once mastered, the willing beneficiary should hardly be able to identify what profound, momentous discovery was made to change the course of the organisation! But truthfully, the paradigm was so fundamental that it was indeed a lifeline that others did not have. When looking back at the pains of change few may recall the long hours of debate and searching, the days of wading through concepts and pegging down important details that facilitated internal change in paradigms. Collectively, these shifts in thinking became good ‘habits’, a complexity of principles that define tradition and culture within their organisations.

And there lies the secretive solution and path towards success. Some come yet so close and others are known to have reached the pinnacle only to let go and plummet into abyss of self-destruction. Human-nature, a most vacillating, intemperate and subjective variable often surfaces during the final analysis, followed by the words '... if only ...'

Golden thread™ presents a headline summary of seven Themes. Each Theme has its own impact and imperatives; neglecting anyone may influence the impact of the entire model and present a skewed result, far from being favourable.

Threads prompt holistic architectures – over time and at the organisation’s own pace, it will render designs and deliverables that become unique as defined down to each pre-requisite step. The grouping of pre-requisites distinguishes Symphony as a unique model, minimalistic yet extremely detailed. Use a chain-logic procedure to develop your corporate Identity, strategy and value creation.